Do it yourself.

Follow our tutorial videos. You’ll see, it’s simple!

Welock charging stations have been designed to avoid the need for a technician to travel and do not require any special maintenance.

Therefore, you can install and repair your charging racks yourself.

The first step is to find a place that is visible and accessible to users. This location must be close to a 220V power outlet. It is up to you to choose the best possible layout to enhance your Welock mobile phone charging stations.

You will find in the kit provided with your terminal a starter kit. However, the brackets and screws for mounting are located directly behind your Welock Base Station.

For a BA13 wall, use Molly dowels. For a concrete wall, expansion dowels.

Here is the first video of our tutorial series. It will allow you to follow one by one the steps to attach your reloading racks to the wall.

It is important to place a POS on the top of your Welock charging station. Indeed, this POS allows you to let your customers know that they can use your charging device.

Your POS is delivered in the box with your charging station.

The operation is very simple.

The first side of the support stuck on your POS, you have to take off the second side towards the outside in order to stick it on the top of your Welock charging station.

Attention, it is preferable not to remove the plastic support once it has been installed.

This is the third video in our series of tutorials that will explain in pictures how to install a POS on a Welock station.


When you receive your Welock station with code locks, the default master code is the same for all locks.

Setting up your master code will allow you to secure and control your boxes. You can open your lockers at any time if one of your customers forgets the code.

The default master code is written on your « Starter Kit », which is located inside your Welock kit.

Here is one of our video tutorials to follow all the steps in pictures. Here, to set up each of the locks of your Welock mobile phone and mobile device charging station.

If your customer forgets the code or simply to check the contents of a locker, you can open your reload locker using your master code, by following the following steps:

CAUTION: Make sure that the person claiming the device being charged is the owner, by asking simple questions: what is the brand of the phone? its color? the picture on the screen background?

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to turn off the phone and ask the caller to enter their pin code.

  1. Free the customer’s phone

    Each lock has a key and its double. The lock barrels of the same station are interchangeable with an extraction key, the extraction key is provided in your starter kit. In case of loss or theft of a key, you can always retrieve the device charging in your smartphone charging station.

    To start, you will first have to open the door using the corresponding double to return the device to your customer. You have normally kept this extraction key carefully in the kit delivered with your Welock terminal.

    When your box is open, it is no longer secure! So your duplicate no longer has any use. You can put it to be recycled with metals.

  2. Change the cylinder

    At this stage, you will have to change the barrel using your extraction key. Please note that the extraction key only works when the lock is open, to obtain a new cylinder, please contact our after-sales service to order it. He will deliver you a new key and its duplicate with a key ring in the colour of your choice. The colour of the key ring must be specified when ordering.

    Once your new cylinder has been delivered, you simply insert it into the corresponding lock using your extraction key. Of course, you will need to keep the new duplicate carefully in your Welock kit.

    This operation can be performed as many times as necessary.

Here is another of our tutorials that will allow you to follow in pictures the steps to follow to change the key lock of a Welock reloading locker.

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