Welock instructions that charge your phones are certified

The charging station designed with attention to detail.

Welock mobile phone charging stations have been designed by a sustainable design studio. They are designed to be reliable, modular and ergonomic.

A Welock charging station consists of either two or four setpoints, each containing three approved charging cables for each electronic device, as well as a Plexiglas holder to support the device to be charged.

The models for locking the lockers are various (key, code, RFID card), concretely meeting your needs. The sleek and elegant design of Welock charging stations offers many possibilities for personalisation and allows you to adapt not only to any type of interior design, but also and above all to offer the service on your behalf.

Democratize the phone recharging service

It was in his restaurant that Sébastien had Welock’s idea.

After spilling a coffee on a customer’s phone that he kept behind his counter, he looked for a charging solution for smartphones so that he no longer had to take responsibility for the devices to be charged, without denying this service to his customers.

Too big, too expensive, not very secure… he could look for it, but couldn’t find the right shoe for him, so he decided, with his partner, to develop an offer that was truly adapted to the needs of retailers: a charging station for smartphones that was financially accessible, self-service, took up no space and could be customized to blend into any interior.

After two years of work on design, Welock was created in 2016.

A powerful communication support!

Today, people expect brands to be of service to them. No more imposing communication, but rather finding a useful and effective way to get your messages across.

With the installation of a charging station for mobile phones and other mobile devices, your brand gains in perceived value. By serving them when they need it most, you build a strong and trusting relationship with your customers.

  • Take care of your image
  • Earn a sympathy capital
  • Build customer loyalty

Simplicity for efficiency.

Free yourself!

Extremely easy to use, Welock’s secure charging solutions can be placed in free access. They then free the personnel present from annoying interruptions while relieving them of the responsibility of the devices to be charged.

Promote proximity

Welock smartphone charging stations meet a crucial need today: to recharge our mobile phones everywhere, free of charge and in complete safety. Your customers will no longer be able to do without it!

Expand your horizon

Thanks to the referencing on our geolocation application which allows you to locate the establishments that offer a recharge service, you gain a new visibility and consequently, a new clientele.

communicate differently

The interior space of the charging stations allows you to promote your products or partners. Users will no longer miss what you have to communicate to them. You can also offer this space for rent!

Create an atmosphere

During recharging, you increase the length of time customers stay in your facility. For all reception centres, this means more sales. The average charging time for a phone is about half an hour.

Take part in the project

The extremely competitive price of Welock stations represents a low investment compared to what it generates in terms of immediate profit and image. The return on investment is fast and unequivocal.

You are our inspiration.


Be aware of our responsibilities.

Our products are designed to offer the best resistance to time. No scheduled obsolescence. The materials selected combine robustness and safety and the power consumption is extremely low. Everything is recyclable.

Dare France.

To support the economy in France, we source and produce locally. By producing in Ile-de-France, we limit transport and contribute to reducing our ecological footprint.

Do things better. Together.

Welock stations are assembled in a Service d’Aide pour le Travail (ESAT) establishment located in Île-de-France, employing workers with disabilities or reduced mobility in order to facilitate their social integration.

Preserve your secret garden.

In respect of the privacy rights of users of our stations, we do not collect any personal data during recharging.

So you can recharge your smartphones with peace of mind.

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Disconnection = Reconnection

Nomophobia is a behavioural disorder that affects more than one in two smartphone users. The word nomophobia is a contraction of « no mobile phobia ». This term was coined in 2008 when a British study was published that showed, out of a sample of 1,000 mobile phone users, that more than 50% were very anxious about being separated from their device.

of users show signs of anxiety

will drop everything to go home and recharge it

of french people want to disconnect